Cashew Nut WW 450

We are one amongst Prominent Growers and Exporters of High Quality Cashew Nuts (in all grades) in Tamilnadu, India and Worldwide.

We always afford Outstanding Quality Cashew Nuts in the universal market that are uniquely well known for their freshness and nutritional values. We carry forward the valuable nutritious quality of Cashew Nuts. Our Organization is considered as a reliable Cashew Nuts Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier and Exporter serving places like Coimbatore, Chennai in Tamilnadu, India & across the world. The bulk assortments of our Cashew Nuts are supplied not only to various Clients in India, but also to diverse countries across the globe. We make sure and are very keen that the Cashew Nuts we offer are carted in with properly packaged food-grade material, so that their utmost quality is sustained forever. Clients can avail diverse varieties of Cashew Nuts from us at a very affordable price.

Our Cashew Nuts are remarkably acknowledged for their rich Protein content and are broadly utilized in diverse cuisines. We are affording ample range of Cashew nuts that are procured from our decisive vendors and are refined in a hygienically guarded environment. Our spectrum is known for its rich taste, optimum quality and freshness among our beloved Customers. Dried Cashew Nuts are a good cause of diverse nutritious ingredients like proteins, calcium and saturated fats and the most valuable gifts to our dear ones.

India is one amongst the largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Cashew kernels across the Globe. Over 65 percent of the world export of Cashew kernels is accounted for by India. Indian Cashews are consumed in over 60 countries all over the world and We do cover supply to the entire countries. The Indian Cashew kernel is well renowned for its exceptional quality, taste and appearance.

Are you hunting for a Wholesale Cashew Nuts Supplier???  Looking for fresh and delightful wholesale Organic Cashew nuts, but afraid of contaminated nuts? Well it’s good to be aware of inorganic food products. But don’t be worried about your healthy diet because We are here to persuade the wealth of your health.  Most of the nutritionists adopt Global Cashews Group for Cashews.

Global Cashews Group is known for the Outstanding Wholesale Suppliers of immense nutritious Organic Cashew nuts. The Cashews you get from us are very fresh and in supremacy of choice. Our Cashews nuts are very pure and are ultimately harvested and refined in an organic manner. We are one of the company with own cashew nuts plantation in Tamilnadu, India and our Cashews are virginally macrobiotic in nature. Global Cashews Group is prominent for Cashew nut suppliers.

Our pivotal propensity is to fulfill each and every fundamental need of our beloved Customers and we hand over our Cashews as per their prospects. We supply our products to nukes and corners of the sphere at affordable prices.

"Feed the hunger of love with our adorable cashews for your dear ones"

A valid assumption may arise within you with these benefits; the Cashew nut price of Global Cashews Group will be very high. Well you never be panic on accordance with cashew nut price. Our cashew nut price is much more  economical and readily available at your doorsteps, any place with legitimate time maintenance. We negotiate the price and always afford our beloved Customers with Competitive and Affordable prices which is one of our uniqueness.

You may aware of where do our Cashews come from??? Our products are not purchased from any farmers or cultivators. Instead we grow our Cashews in our own farms in about 5000 acres and hence we are one amongst Cashew nuts growers serving our beloved customers in various places like Coimbatore, Chennai in Tamilnadu and across Worldwide. Our Cashew nut products are strikingly popular in the Universal market as our products adhere to global quality.

We cling to Universal benchmarks for our Wholesale Cashews and other merchandises. We have sponsors all over the sphere. Your utmost pleasure is our key passion. The Cashews you acquire from us are virginally organic as we never augment any other mock constituents to our cashews to make them more luscious ones. They are well safeguarded in our cargo arena with aseptic circumstances by our experts till you gather your conveyance. We also thrust samplings with Quality Recognition. You may have a doubt that by what means our commodities are in definitive prominence??? We persuade that our commodities are in Universal benchmarks. Because,

Cashew nut benefits

A valid question may arise in you that ARE CASHEW NUTS GOOD FOR HEALTH??? We Profoundly Swear to our Cashews are genuinely very healthy.

Heart-protective (Monounsaturated fats)

As we think Cashews Not only our reduce fat but Approximately 82% of Cashew nuts fat is unsaturated fatty acids and about 66% of the unsaturated fatty acids are heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, thus also acts as a life saver. This monounsaturated fat helps to diminish high triglyceride levels. Hence they prohibit Heart diseases. Our Cashews are an excellent dietary for diabetic patients. We have done a research with the guidance of some Universities and concluded that consuming our Organic Cashews partially four times per week has diminished the exposure of Coronary Heart Diseases by 37%.

Copper for Antioxidant ARMS Energy production, Bones and Blood vessels

Our Cashews are rich in Copper content. A Fundamental constituent of many enzymes, Copper plays a vital role in vast range of physiological procedures casting iron utilization, elimination of free radicals, improvement of bones and connective tissues and the production of melanin in the skin. It is mandatory for the activeness of Lysyl oxidase(also known as Protein-lysine 6-oxidase is a Protein in humans).

Magnesium - increases Bone strength and relaxes

Our Cashews are rich in Magnesium. It’s a well-known fact that Calcium is pivotal for Strong & Healthy bones, but Magnesium is also fundamental for Healthy bones. Magnesium by unifying Calcium helps authorize nerve and muscle strength. Our Cashews reduces the repetition of Migraine attacks, lowers blood pressure and reduce the Stringency of ASTHMA.

  • Help prevent gallstones
  • Lowers the risk of weight gain

Cashew Nut's Nutrition

Nutrients Ratio DRI % Nutrient's Density WHF Ratings
Copper 0.88 mg 98 % per min 8.0 Excellent
Phosphorous 237.20 mg 34 % per min 2.8 Good
Manganes 0.66 mg 29 % per min 2.4 Good
Magnesium 116.80 mg 29 % per min 2.4 Good
Zinc 2.31 mg 21 % per min 1.7 Good

Advantages of our Cashew farms

Loam analyzing

  • After sowing, the loam is tested and we continue the appropriate pH (Potential Hydrogen) level of the loam in our farm.
  • Cashews grow well only in sandy soil
  • But we never implement any artificial chemicals to endorse the pH level of soil
  • We Custom solely Organic Agro refines to fertile our expanse and also we assure the proportion of catalysts we use to preserve the apt status of our loam
  • We in regular, use poultry manure with a blender of sheep manure to germinate our lands
  • We use an indiscriminate one by virtue of the stipulation of dungs

Nitrogen% 2.0 1.9 4.5
Phosphorous 1.5 1.4 2.7
Potassium% 2.2 2.9 1.4
Calcium% 2.9 3.3 2.9
Magnesium% 0.7 0.8 0.6
Organic matter 69.9 53.9 58.6
Moisture content 7.9 11.4 9.2


The seeds which we custom are investigated evidently by our fine authorities and the fled ones are disapproved from our benchmarks.

We nurture our Cashews early in the pot and we keep them water logged as far as they explode as it takes around 5 days for a fine seed to shoot up.


Day warmth
for escalating Cashews should not clash below 10°C (50F) and Cashew plants constrain rustic typical day warmth of around 25°C (77F).

Thereupon during frosty season we use the High catalogued Tungsten lamps to make our plants a good unenthusiastic and as the Cashews can withstand a temperature more than 40°C, we immediately humidify them with tremendous quantity of water in hot times.

Pest control

The plants are well showered, fertile and guarded from bugs, pests, insect etc., by our pest abolishing experts with the sustenance of our Cashew harvesting team and also they take care of several preconditions of the Cashew tree.

Our patron’s scrutiny the most combined inquiry, that’s how we accurately abolish the pests, barren of using any pesticides???

  • Our Prodigies elucidate the offending of pests only with the help of Organic pesticides which are primed by means of natural ingredients by our adroit bio-chemical scrutinizing samplers
  • As we use the Organic pesticides, not only we are able to abolish the aggravations but also we are able to make sure that the Organic form of the Cashews remains in an exemplary blueprint
  • Bio-chemicals which we pit from our parent flora are more proficient and eco-friendly whereas compared with artificial blends which are hazardous

Harvesting cashews

  • Cashew trees flower and set fruit during the dry season (winter) and we compile the fruits within a couple of months
  • Already the fruit has a nice attractive red or pink color and the shield of the nut shifts into dull grey, then they are rigged to hand-pick
  • We segregate the raw Cashews from the fruits and then they are approved to further refining

Cashew nut processing

The raw Cashews are solicited from our farms and are processed further. These Cashew nuts are dried in the hot sun for couple of days and are then gathered in the High Quality gunny bags for refining all over the year. The process of drying in the hot sun helps in the evacuation of surplus humidity thus resulting in longer stockpile. The refining of Cashew nut involves a four stage process, each designed to yield succulent Cashew kernel.

Steam Roasting

  • The exterior shell of the raw Cashew nuts has to be detached to yield the succulent Cashew kernel
  • The exterior shell of the Cashew is very tough and it incorporates corrosive oil which is catastrophic for your precious health utilization
  • The process of Steam Roasting helps in elimination of this tough shell with nominal effort
  • The raw Cashew nuts are settled in a drum connected to a tiny boiler. The steam from this tiny boiler is passed on to the Cashew nuts settled in the drum for duration of 10-15 minutes
  • These cashew nuts are left in the drum for 20 minutes for convenient roasting
  • The roasted cashews are departed from the drum and settled in the open air for a period of around 12 hours to permit them to cool down and help in elimination of the Cashew shells

Shell cutting

  • The roasted Cashew nuts are then transferred to the cutting department to get rid of the outer shell
  • This is a complicated process and requires Highly proficient labours to get best unbroken kernel productivity
  • This process involves placing of each Cashew nut between the blades of the machine regulated manually to abolish the outer shell
  • Finally the refining process comes out with the yield of Cashew kernel with soft inner shell
  • These nuts are then settled in an oven which is continually preserved at a temperature of about 60 degree for duration of 24 hours to make the inner shell much more crispy


  • The internal shell of the Cashew kernel has to be detached to yield the white nuts
  • The peeling process is designed to detach the internal soft shell after the kernel is detached from the oven
  • The kernel is made to undergo peeling after it is left in the open for 12 hours
  • This frosting helps in peeling process.
  • Each nut is independently peeled to yield white nuts
  • These white nuts are then directed to the grading division


  • The mechanism of grading is designed to array the white Cashew kernel into diverse grades
  • The wholes are further split into 10 High Quality grades

White wholes (colour – White/ pale ivory/ light ash)

  • WW-180
  • WW -240
  • WW -320
  • WW-210
  • WW-450


Scorched wholes (Kernels scorched or lightly darkened during roasting process)

The process of categorizing wholes and the pieces is stationed on the size, color and texture of the nuts. The categorizing is done based on the determined Universal sizes.

These nuts are then once again settled in the oven to make the nuts much crispier than before and they are shifted to the packaging department.

Our cashew nuts packaging system

  • Once after completing grading process, we take samplings and anatomize to audit the arrangement of high ranked Cashews and if there is a discoloration in the mishandled hays, then they are excluded from wrapping streaks
  • The High ranked sample containers are further approved to the packaging line. Our employees scarf the Cashews using the 1st grade bags and transferred to our stogie facility
  • We have fabricated colossal stogie to stockpile more than five hundred tons of Cashew nuts
  • Our stogie is assembled in a rejuvenate method to perpetuate Cashews from dust, temperature, pests, etc

Our delivery process

  • We supply our commodities at any intensity at any place with great prominence
  • Our shipment is quicker and our commodities are much more affordable with your promises
  • Once after authorization of mandate, patrons have to pay only 50% of the cash and lingering will be paid only after the conveyance of the package with shipment transactions
  • Your order will be dispatched within 7-15 working days and also we afford you the propensity to trail the status of your order

Our Commodities are the outstanding entity, you would like to enrich in for your lovable children. Children love Global Cashews Group’s Cashews. Dial us for wholesale cashew nut exporting.

More About Our Products

We carry through the health-giving quality of soothing Cashew Nuts. Global Cashews Group is considered as a Persistent Cashew Nuts Supplier and Exporter serving places like Coimbatore, Chennai in Tamilnadu, India& across the globe. We make clear-cut that the Cashew Nuts are dispatched in with perfectly packaged food-grade material, so that their quality is restrained energetically. Clients can avail contradictory fluctuations of Cashew Nuts from us at a very down-to-earth price.

Cashew Nut Grades we export are

White Wholes (Colour – White/pale ivory/light ash)

  • WW (White wholes) - 180
  • WW (White wholes) - 240
  • WW (White wholes) – 320
  • WW (White wholes) – 210
  • WW (White wholes) – 450

Grade Designation Trade Name Colour/Characteristics Count per 454 gms size description Max Moisture Broken Max NLSG NLG Max
WW-450 White Wholes White/pale ivory/light ash, Characteristic shapes 400-500 5% 5% 5% (NLSG & SW together)

Packing and Standard Weight

Cashew freights from India are mainly in 20ft. Each container has about 700 cartons. We commence orders from exporters from India for less than a container shipment. Freight is being charged at volume basis as per Cubic Metre. Freight for full container load is hooked and the same is economical because the freight for part container load (LCL – Less Than Container Load) is same as that of full container.

  • Before Kernels are wrapped, they are dehydrated to 3% moisture content
  • Drying is fundamental to extend shelf life and avoid fungal and other infections
  • Nut kernels of export quality are vacuum wrapped in tins

Wrapping available for export of balanced cashew kernels in bulk are as follows

  • Carton accommodating 50 lbs flexible pouch
  • Carton accommodating two 25lbs flexible pouches
  • Carton accommodating two tins of 340 kg net each
  • Carton accommodating two tins of 10 kg net each


  • High quality
  • High vitamin
  • High nutritive value
  • Retain freshness
  • Competitive & affordable price


  • 1x20 feet container can load up to 15mt (750 carton boxes)


  • 200 Carton box LCL shipment
  • 1x20 feet full container


  • 50% advance by TT (Telegraphic Transfer) to our above banking details
  • The remaining 50% after receiving the shipping documents


  • After we receive the Payment within 7 days from the date of order confirmation


  • Chennai, Tuticorin & Cochin Sea Ports


Type of packing, weight of packing, number of bag per carton, net weight per carton, loadablity per 20ft FCL (Full Container Load)and number of carton 2ft FCL (Full Container Load)

  • Tin packing4 kg /25lbs, 2 22.7kg/50lbs and 15.8mt/35000lbs - 700 to 750 cartons
  • Pet jar 250/500 gram and 24/12 &6/6kg 6.9mt - 1150 cartons
  • Flexi puff packing4 kg /25lbs, 2 22.7/50lbs and 15.8mt/35000lbs - 700 cartons
  • Stand up pouch 200g/500g, 30/10 &6/5kg and 7.8/11.5mt - 1300/2300 cartons

Delivery Detail

Our capacity of Cashew nuts each and every month is 500 to 1000 tons and minimum order Quantity will be 1x40ft and HQ Container Quantity/available : 1000 MT x 12 months.


While shipment, we will attach the Health Certificate and Phytosanitary Certificate

  • Phytosanitary Certificate: One Original
  • Certificate of origin: 3 originals
  • Certificate of Fumigation: One Original
  • Bill of lading: 3 negotiable +3 non negotiable
  • COMMERCIAL Invoice: 3 originals
  • Packing list: 3 originals
  • FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) & APEDA [Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (India)] Certificates

While shipment during loading process, we will submit the SGS certificate and Quality

Certificate of the private Sector.


  • Moisture 5% max
  • Broken 2 % max
  • Foreign matter 01% max
  • Insect damage 5% max
  • Maximum serious damage 0 % max
  • Mould rancidity, decay &adhering matter 5% max


  • Second quality color variation 0 % max
  • Third quality special color variation 5 % max
  • Lightly Blemished pieces 5% max
  • Lightly Blemished wholes 5% max Blemished Wholes 0.5% max Dessert 0.5% max
  • Superficial Damage (scrapes) 0 % max Adhering Testa 3.0 % max
  • Maximum defect level 8% max
  • Sound, fair, loyal and merchantable quality, fit for human consumption, Machine cleaned, free from and dead and alive weevils and insects


The goods to be fumigated HYDROGEN PHOSPHIDE (PHOSPHINE) GAS prior to processing and loading. The exposure formula is based upon obtaining a reading of 250 parts per million at a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum exposure of 72 hours. This fumigation knocks out all stages of insects and insect evolution. The cargo will be avoided with the use of METHYL BROMIDE or MALATHION or Naphthalene as purifiers. Therefore, Methyl Bromide and Malathion residue will be less than the 50 parts per million tolerances. All goods adhere to the EU (European Union) food law.

Fumigation with Methyl Bromide, Malathion and Naphthalene are banned.