(RCN) - Raw Cashew Nut Processing

Cashew Nut Analysis

The cashew nuts are collected from our farms, which are further processed to meet the delivery standards.

Sun Drying

The first step in RCN processing is sun-drying the raw cashew nuts and store them in gunny bags. These Cashew nuts are dried in the hot sun for couple of days and are then gathered for further processes. Sun Drying helps in evacuation of surplus humidity, which results in longer life of the cashew nuts.


Steaming the Raw Sundried Cashew is the next step, steaming the in-shell cashew nuts under pressure helps in making the shell loose which makes the removing process easier. The steamed cashews are departed from the drum and settled in the open air for a period of around 12 hours to permit them to cool down and help in elimination of the Cashew shells.

Shell Cutting

The roasted Cashew nuts are then transferred to the cutting department to get rid of the outer shell. This process involves placing of each Cashew nut between the blades of the machine, Then the Cashew shells is spilt open longitudinally and the cashew inside is at once separated by hand. Finally the refining process comes out with the yield of Cashew with soft inner shell.

Owen Drying

Once the cashew kernels are removed from their outer shells, it is dried in an Industrial oven at a low heat for a few hours to make the skin loose which eases the peeling process.


The outer skin which turns reddish after the drying process known as Testa is peeled off to obtain the final cashew nut. Each nut is independently peeled to yield white nuts. These white nuts are then directed to the grading division.


Grading of the Processed Cashew nuts is based on the color and the way the cashew kernels are broken. The grading is decided as per the AGMARK standards. The wholes are further split into 5 (WW -180, WW-240, WW-320, WW-210, WW-450) High Quality grades as per the standards.


The world class packaging systems in our packing centre ensure quality of the kernels. The High ranked sample containers are further approved to the packaging line. We provide a complete solution for conditioning and packaging of cashew kernels with its Vacuum Packing Machine. Our employees scarf the Cashews using the 1st grade bags and transferred to our stogie facility.

Sales & Dispatch

We the global overseas corporate have worldwide marketing network to ensure customer satisfaction and after sales service network to meet the customer satisfaction. We supply our commodities at any intensity at any place with great prominence. Global Cashews Group is considered as a Persistent Cashew Nuts Supplier and Exporter serving places like Coimbatore, Chennai, India & across the globe. We ensure our dispatched cashew nuts are perfectly packed in food grade material to maintain the quality and Standards.