Global Overseas Corporate was rooted in the year 1967 and we are one amongst the Superior Manufacturers, Producers, Growers and Exporters of best quality Cashew nutsc with varied sizes. We have a fruitful experienceof 50 years in this industry. We have our Own Research Team to escalate the productivity and nutrition level of our product. We have put forth our success since from the past fourth generation serving our valuable customers in diverse places like Coimbatore, Chennai in Tamilnadu and across Worldwide.

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Two handfuls of Cashews is the Therapeutic proportionate of a prescription dose of Prozac

Proanthocyanidins, class of Polyphenols which fight against tumor cells by stopping them permanently to isolate further. High copper content and Proanthocyanidins in cashew nuts keeps you away from colon cancer and helps to fight against cancer cells. This is one of the major, considerable and valuable benefits of cashew nut.

When compared to other nuts, Cashew nut consists of low fat content in the oleic acid form which is healthier to the heart. Cashews are Cholesterol free and the Antioxidants present in it keeps you aside from heart diseases stay healthy.

With the help of Magnesium present in Cashew nuts lowers High Blood Pressure.

Cashew’s Copper content is one of the unique advantages that help to sustain the attractive black color of your hair. With a continuous intake of Cashew nuts you can have a shiny black hair that you always wished for.

Calcium is the backbone strength of Healthy bones. Likewise Cashew nuts Magnesium content is also a prime factor that makes your bones more strong.

Magnesium prohibits Calcium from entering the nerve cells by clustering on the bone’s surface and hence keeps the blood vessels and muscles relaxed. An inadequate amount of Magnesium leads Calcium to enter the blood vessels and make them to contract. It also leads to High blood pressure, Migraine headache, etc.

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The Risk of developing Gallstones can be reduced up to 25% with daily intake of Cashew nuts.

Even if Cashew nuts are considered to be fat content, it consists of good cholesterol. It will be a most contradictory to famous belief, those who intake cashews at least twice a week gain less weight when compared to those who intake less.

Selenium and Cashew nut’s Magnesium & Copper content serve as cofactors for many enzymes.

Cashew nuts thoroughly help in Growth & Development, Nucleic acid synthesis and Digestion.

Cashew nuts rich vitamin content keeps you safer from sideroblastic anemia, pellagra, etc and they incorporate riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, niacin, etc. and they

As already said, Cashew nut's Magnesium content is very good for healthy bones. So it always provides healthy teeth likewise strong gums to hold them.

Cashew nuts help Women in getting relaxed and pleasant sleep during night time after undergoing Menopause.

Regular intake of Cashew nuts helps our body to exploit iron perfectly and dispose of Free Radicals which is the root cause for health problems.

Cashew nut’s ability to filter Sun’s UV rays, protect us from Macular Degeneration.

All at the end, you have intake the valuable health benefits of Cashew nuts. Ensure that you eat a few at least once in every week, I am dam sure you already love them to the most.